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Government Tax Offices compliance is an inevitable part of any business. For the dealers and traders of industrial excisable goods, Central Excise is the most important and tedious. What adds to the pain that they do not pay a single rupee as Excise Duty, But they need to be compliant with lot of documentation such as Excise De-Register and Quarterly Return.

Our analysis tell us that, Even a small Excise good dealer spends around 10 to 15 hours per week in maintaining the records for Central Excise compliance. Won't it be good to automate this complete process and spend that time more focused on the growth of business?

Maitra Infotech present's you our Excise Accounting and Excise Billing software for Dealers, which will make your Excise Compliance very easy, EasyExcise.


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Key Features:

1. Very Simple and User Friendly
  • It's very easy to capture information about your vendors, customers, products and about your firm.
2. Excise Billing and Excise Accounting
  • Simple and easy forms to record Purchases and Sales.
3. De-Register Maintenance
  • It will be built automatically fro you based on your purchase and Sales Records.
4. Detailed Stock Report
  • It gives you information about outstanding stock as well as complete flow of the product, i.e. When you purchased it and when you sold it with the licks to corresponding sales and purchases.
5. Payment Tracking
  • Track your outstanding payables and receivables with a simple report.
6. Excise return with a single click.
  • Download your Excise Return with a single Click.

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