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Arguably, Print Media is the most happening media and managing its dealership is most dynamic business. a News paper distributor even is a small town deals with couple of dozen print media houses with around 50 publications. Each publication house offers different commission rates. Each of them may have different cost on different date. Publication Houses may send different number of copies, they might have different periodicity like Daily, Weekly, bi-weekly, Monthly etc. Each publication house can have holiday on different dates. With all this, it is a volume business as cost of a single News Paper could be as low as a rupee. But all this is a single side story.


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Distributors, also needs to deal with Hawkers or dealers. They have their own list of publications they sell. They can purchase different number of copies of these publications on different dates. They may have different commission rates.

Isn't it very hard for the Print Media Distributor to handle all this and still focus on the growth of his business. They need assistance of a good software for distributor. Maitra Infotech would like to Present you our solution to this problem, A unique print media distributor software or distribution business software, DisTribute.

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Key Features:

1. Distributor Management Software for key Information Storage
  • It's very easy to capture information about publications houses, publications, hawkers and your firm.
2. Sales and Distribution management software for Activity tracking
  • You will have your standard values populated in your daily activity Tracking for each publication and each hawker. Just record the variations for that day and you are done.
3. Distribution Accounting Software for Keep Track of your acounts
  • End of Month you can see the reports, which will let you cross check the bills received from publication houses and also generate the bills for the hawkers. There is so much you can do in life :)
4. Inventory Management Software, to keep track of Inventory
  • See how you distributed a particular publication on a day. How many copies went to hawker; How many are outstanding etc.
5. Payment Tracking System Software
  • Track your outstanding payables and receivables with a simple report.
6. Configure it for Regional Language.
  • Yes, With the language mapping functionality, we allow users to configure publication Names, Publication Houses and many other things in their own regional language. So once you setup this, even a person not knowing English can use this system.