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For every business owner, his CA is the most important person. In CA office, every customer has a different profiles. They have different laws applicable to them. So different regular activities conducted from each of them. Apart from these regular activities, CA also needs to cater the Ad-hoc activities such as Attending Cases, Audits etc. CA needs to keep track of his employees.

Which employee is working on which task of the customer and make sure that every task is completed correctly and on schedule to meet the government office compliances. Failure means heavy penalty to the customer and loss of face, trust and brand value for the CA.


Task Management

Document Management

May be, one can manage if you have only few customers, but it won't stay like that forever. Is it even humanly possible to not to do any mistakes and handle such diverse customers, their activities with the immaculate perfection under such pressure?

Don't you need a good CA Office Software to perform better, A CA software which will reduce the pressure on you? To help you Maitra Infotech Presents a complete office management software for CA "CASCOM".

This is one in all software with loads of features and functionalities for every one related to the business; Be it Owner, Employee or Customer:

  • Customer's have their own login, where they can check the current status of their tasks and compliances.
  • Customer can download the soft copied of the receipts and other documents related to his profile.
  • Can clearly see and track their daily work and update the status.
  • Can log time against each of these tasks.
  • Can inform Management just by one click that they are blocked on some task.
  • Can view the documents uploaded by customer, can upload receipts for customer to download.

Client Registration

  • Don't have to worry ever again of missing a customer compliance, task. As system will automatically creates regular tasks based on customer profile.
  • Separate handling on Incidental tasks such as audits and legal cases; Or Ad-hoc activities which are not customer related.
  • Can check approve/disapprove work done by his staff. Check what's blocking an activity and take appropriate steps.
  • Can get complete status of business activities at single click.
  • Computerized generated bills and their payment tracking.
  • In short a Complete Control System for his office.

Client Bill

This CA software has a lot to offer for everyone which is part of CA office.